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Nature can be sweet, rough, beautiful  and dangerous, its how you embrace it.


5 simple tips to know before starting photography

Don’t go crazy when you first got your camera

When you first got your camera take a few minutes to read the manuals, don’t go snap pictures like crazy. Read the manuals till you can remember how each parts of the camera work because read full post

The Top Secret Photography Techniques

Thin, obese or overweight

When it comes down to determine whether you are too thin, obese or simply overweight you know how stressful it can be. You start to wonder whether or not you should go see a doctor, or should you add read full post

Many of us have probably heard or read this expression before, but the question is, are we even concerned about the amount of time we waste in our lives? Many of us will perhaps look back and regret all the time that we have wasted on minor things or read full post